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I like to think of my work as a basis for sparking visual conversations, ones that engage viewers in dialogues about organization amid chaos – and vice versa. I have always been fascinated by life’s inherent dualities: the secure sameness that guides our everyday lives despite the underlying reality that anything – and everything – can change in an instant. Yet this chaos is in itself a constant, an unpredictability we can predict with absolute certainty.


Through my paintings and sculptures I seek to address this duality. I combine color, pattern and line into fluidly dynamic compositions in which each stroke and mark – no matter how small and apparently inconsequential – is unequivocally integral to the whole. Each part speaks to another, each one echoing, answering, questioning and provoking endless responses and counter responses. These are the visual conversations I hope to start, ones that I hope are equally thoughtful, challenging, perplexing and playful – and perhaps even a little maddening.