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Mads Anderson was born in Hastings, Nebraska. His interest in art developed at an early age when he would sit on his uncles lap and watch him paint. After earning his Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of Nebraska at Lincoln, Mads moved to New York where he worked as a freelance artist for Viacom. During this period he was able to study other artists and techniques which would later serve as a great source of inspiration for his paintings.




Eventually, Mads returned back to Nebraska and delved into his art, focusing mainly on abstracts and developing his signature style. He has described his pieces as “ornamental chaos” which perfectly sums up the seemingly never-ending swirling lines and vast color palette present in his works. Mads has been featured in numerous local and national shows including the Nebraska Cattlesman’s Ball, Sunset Strip GuitarTown, and the Mr.Brainwash Art Show in addition to multiple local charity auctions and fundraisers.


Anderson currently lives and works in Omaha, Nebraska where he is surrounded by family and friends.